Now Offering Online Courses

As you may already know, in addition to providing virtual bookkeeping services, we also produce The Better Bookkeeper Podcast. On April 8, 2022 we launched The Better Bookkeeper Courses to provide another way to access and gain value from our growing library of content.

Our first online course is Bookkeeping Fundamentals. In this course, we go into more depth regarding the Accounting Equation, Chart of Accounts, and Debits and Credits. While there are podcast episodes around these topics, our online course goes even further. Think of our online courses as being an expansion of the podcast.

In addition to the amount of knowledge you will gain from our courses, we have also priced them to be affordable to accounting or bookkeeping students who need extra help or for small business owners. There are other online courses but many also have hefty price tags. We are not looking to break the bank. Our objective is to help students and business owners establish a solid foundation in bookkeeping from which they can propel their careers or business.

Right now, there is just the Bookkeeping Fundamentals course but others are in development so please check back to see our updated offerings.

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