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When it comes to making the best decisions for your business, you need to have accurate financial statements. Books that are not complete or not accurate will prevent you from paving the way to success.

Your bookkeeper is more than just a clerk. They organize your finances into reports that help you, as a business owner, understand how your business is performing. Very few people in your organization can provide this information because it is the bookkeeper that puts it all together.

At Cape May Counting House, we offer 4 different services to meet your needs:

Starting at $200.00/monthly
Custom Pricing
Starting at $600.00/monthly

What makes us different?

We utilize technology to improve the efficiency of our workflows so things don’t fall through the cracks. Our President holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting giving you extra confidence in our work. As our professional relationship matures, we can provide valuable feedback regarding areas of concern that require improvement and areas that are functioning properly. We aim to be a trusted advisor to you and your business.

If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, you can learn more about bookkeeping through our podcast, The Better Bookkeeper.

All of this under one roof. We provide more services than strictly-bookkeeping firms which saves you time and money and frees you from having to manage business relationships with multiple service providers.

Remote Bookkeeping
The Better Bookkeeper