About Us

Cape May Counting House, LLC is a virtual bookkeeping company founded by Patrick Donovan. Our service options are Reconcile, Cleanup, and Bookkeeper+.

In addition to providing bookkeeping services, we also produce The Better Bookkeeper Podcast, whose aim is to educate non-accounting individuals on how to better handle their bookkeeping. If you are a small business owner struggling with your books, we encourage you to listen!

Our Work Philosophy

Meet Your Bookkeeper

Your Bookkeeper – Patrick Donovan

Patrick has operated a number of businesses over the years, including an accounts receivable management company that he operated for over 15 years. He began his formal education in bookkeeping in 2008 and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Western Governors University in 2020. After graduating, he went on to complete the Bookkeeper Launch Program. He is a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor and the host of The Better Bookkeeper Podcast, created for non-accounting individuals to better understand the bookkeeping function.

Patrick has leveraged his business experience to help other small business owners grow their businesses. By offering bookkeeping services, he is allowing entrepreneurs to outsource some of their work so they can focus on revenue-generating activities.

What is a Counting House?

The inspiration for Cape May Counting House is Patrick’s love of bookkeeping and medieval-era video games. These games introduced him to the concept of a counting house. The term “counting house” dates back to the middle ages, and the Hanseatic League. Merchants who set up operations in a port would establish a Kontor (counting house, or branch). The business of the merchant would be conducted here. These activities would include verifying the quantity and quality of purchased products, performing accounting activities, and answering correspondence.

While a counting house conjures up the image of a bygone era, we have updated that image by focusing on technology. Efficiency is our goal. We keep our eyes open for new apps that can increase our productivity and that of our clients.

With three different options to choose from – Reconcile, Cleanup, or Bookkeeper+, learn more about how we can help you improve your business today!

Reach out to us at patrick@capemaycountinghouse.com with your requirements to see if Cape May Counting House is a fit for you.